Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sisters, Boys and Football

My sister has been asking me to take her family photo's for 2 years. In October we finally managed to schedule some time. Usually I post photos on my blog with-in a week or two after the shoot. But my sister gave me strict instructions not to post anything until after her Christmas cards went out. My sister is the only person who can ask me this and get away with it!! :)  Well now that Christmas is over and packed away I'm posting this blog.

Elizabeth wanted their family photo's taken on the football field. Her oldest, Avery, has been playing football for a few years now and is a die hard Oregon Ducks fan. This year Nick started playing football as well. So we picked a Sunday and borrowed the high school football field for an hour . . . until it started raining on us.

I'm not sure how smart it was to do a photo shoot on a football field, with a bunch of football fanatics and give them a football for a prop. The shoot started out really nice . . . . . .

 This is my favorite photo . . . . Little Daisy is going to take on the whole family

                         Eddie is almost always ready with a smile
                        Here's where things started to go downhill :)
                         This photo is just asking for trouble . . . .
                      Photo shoot over . . . . football game begins

                      Not to be outdone Mom joins in . . . . .

                        Even Daisy gets in on the action . . . .
The boys wanted to show me one of their football passes. I love the look of concentration on their faces.