Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lan Su Chinese Garden

A couple months ago I my friend Dale drove up from California and we spent the weekend shooting everything from the Portland city scape to the coast. Our first stop was the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. I drove to the location expecting to see a garden on the outskirts of Portland when I arrived. Instead all I found was a wall. This walled in garden sits right in the middle of busy Portland. It was an interesting experience to walk through what almost felt like a private garden, all the while knowing people were going about their day on the other side of the walls.

If you'd like to see my friend Dale's fantastic photo's from this location, check out his blog.

                                                                A flower hiding

           Bonsai trees always remind me of the Karate Kid movies :)
                                         This one makes me giggle :)
                                         I love the hidden gardens
                           I loved the light playing on these leaves
                Here you can see the city buildings behind the gardens

 I thought this was a very interesting flower, and I love the color
There were details everywhere . . . even the doors