Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Valley of Fire ~ Day 2

We had so much fun in the Valley of Fire we decided to go back again. So we got up before the crack of dawn again . . . . to shoot another beautiful sunrise.

 This time I noticed the plant life. I found the desert plants very interesting.

 I kept trying to get a shot of the green plants against the red rocks . . . I liked this one the best.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Valley of Fire

Early the first morning, after all the members of my photography club had arrived in Las Vegas we headed out to the Valley of Fire. And when I say early I mean EARLY. I believe we left the hotel around 4:30am. Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm NOT a morning person. But getting up in the wee hours of the morning was totally worth it!! The sunrise was spectacular. And the Valley of Fire turned out to be my favorite part of the Las Vegas trip!

 There is really no way to convey the sheer vastness of the landscape! And it was so quiet there. I'm used to animal and bug noises when I'm out in nature. But here there was absolute silence . . . . well until we all started shouting at each other. (we were shouting to communicate because we were all so far away from everyone else)
 Shooting the rocks facing the sunrise. The red color of the rocks was simply amazing!
                        Desert plants really do have their own beauty

 I couldn't decide if I liked this photo better in color or B&W . . . . they both have a very different feel

 I got down in the dirt for this shot. As soon as I lay down, I heard the cameras of some of my Phello photographers going off!
 The holes in the rocks were really interesting. They were all different shapes and sizes.
                        Looking up from the floor of a slot canyon.

 I think this rock formation looks a bit like an Egyptian sphinx :)
These Petroglyphs are over 4000 years old according to the information board. Unfortunately they don't know what they mean, but they sure are interesting.