Saturday, July 25, 2009

Winema ~ Belly Flop Contest and other Misc photo's

In these photo's you'll see; my husband getting hit by an 8ft. ball, my brother-in-law at bonfire, and my favorite shots from the belly flop/canon ball contest.

3rd Jr. Camp ~ Winema ~ June 28 - July 4th 2009

This summer my family went to the 3rd Jr. Camp at Winema Christian Camp in Cloverdale, Oregon. We had a lot of fun!! My husband was "The Game Master" and I was the photographer. My oldest son was a camper and the youngest got to tag along with me. I came home with 5 disc's of edited photos. So to pick a few of my favorite is pretty difficult. However I wanted to be able to share some of the fun we had.

On June 27th I had the opportunity to photograph Jim and Kay Shelburne's 50th wedding anniversary. It was great to be back in Dayton and see old friends. I want to thank Jim and Kay for allowing me to be a part of their celebration.

Jim and Kay Shelburne ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ok, Blogging is completely new to me. But I wanted a place for people to see my photo's. So here goes . . . .
As a test I am uploading one of my new favorite photos. I took this photo while at my nephew's baseball practice. I got bored watching the drills so I wandered around and found a barbwire fence. I find it interesting that close-up the barbwire doesn't look sharp.