Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last week I was able to do a photo shoot with my 3rd niece born this summer. Daisy Lucas was born earlier this month. She looks so much like her mom and her older brother Nick. For the photo shoot Elizabeth wanted pictures of her Daisy with her pot of daisy's. But I knew a pot of flower's wouldn't work. So I asked my Mom to pick some cut daisy's on her way to the photo shoot. (Thanks Mom!!) I had so much fun playing with the baby and the flowers. When I got home and uploaded the photo's I realized I didn't have many photo's without the flowers. And since Elizabeth wanted some photo's of Daisy and her son Eddie we decided we'll have to do another photo shoot. Oh darn! So here are a few of the images we've gotten so far. There will be more to come in the weeks ahead.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Nephew Oliver

Earlier this summer I asked my Sister-in-law if I could borrow my 2 year old nephew for a photo shoot. The idea was to get some photos to use for my portfolio. However, I left my camera on the wrong settings. The last shoot I'd done had been inside a very dark church. So my camera was set for indoor shooting. Well that doesn't work so well when your shooting outside. So most of the photo's came out "grainy" or "noisy". Of all my photographer friends, I have yet to talk to one who's never done that. It seems to be a common problem. :) However I thought you might still enjoy seeing the photo's I got . . . . a few of them turned out usable. But I'll probably have to borrow my nephew again and do a re-shoot . . . . oh darn!! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well the last baby of the summer has finally arrived. Daisy Madelyn Lucas was born on Sunday, August 8th. She was 8lb 14oz, 20in long and she looks just like her mom! I captured a few shots on our 2 visits to the hospital. All the boys (except Eddie) loved holding her. They'd even fight over who was next. When they weren't holding the baby, they'd all crowd around my Dad trying to watch "Cars" on his phone. It was pretty funny to watch. Favorite Aunt