Thursday, September 23, 2010

Go-cart Dreams

I grew up with 2 sisters. No brothers. I knew as a child that my Dad had wanted boys. But instead of having sons, he has 5 grandson's. My Mom always told my Dad that the boys would come . . . boy was she right. Have you ever been in a room with 5 rowdy boys . . . it's mind blowing! Anyway . . . . I remember knowing that one of the reason's my Dad wanted boys was to be able to build a go-cart. So when my son came home with a library book on how to build a go-cart, I had him call Grandpa. He and Grandpa looked at the book, then decided to go with their own design. This is the result. At first they were pushing the go-cart with the rider's feet. But Dawson came up with the idea of using a long pole that pops off easy to push the cart. He's so smart!

On a side note . . . I never understood why Dad didn't build a go-cart with us girls. That is until I took a ride on Dawson's. I scraped up my arm pretty good, and I have bruise on my bum the size of a plum. I think I'll leave the go-cart riding to the boys!

Ashlee ~ Class of 2011

About a week and a half ago I had the opportunity to take Ashlee's senior photo's. She is a wonderful and beautiful young lady. I really enjoyed our shoot. We started out in Salem and then came back to the Silverton area to get some photo's in a field. While we were waiting for Ashlee to change for the field shot's her mom mentioned that she hadn't expected me to take so many photo's. After filling up my camera card on this shoot . . . . I wonder if maybe I got carried away. But when your shutter happy like I am it's easy to do. And the fact that I had to many favorites to pick 5-10 tells me I was doing something right. :) 
Ashlee, thank you very much for allowing me to take your senior photos. You were wonderful to work with.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I've been wanting to see if I could put a slide show up on my blog. Well today after I finished editing Daisy's photo's I decided to give it a try. I'm really hoping it'll work for everyone. I probably spelled her middle name wrong. I lost the piece of paper I had her name on. Wonderful Aunt . . . . I know! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Photo's of Daisy

Well I finally found the time to do another photo shoot with Daisy. She's such a sweet baby. However she is the wiggliest sleeper I've ever scene. I'd get her into position for a photo and she'd wiggle and stretch. Funny little girl.                        I just had to get a shot of her ruffled socks             So I know this one isn't of Daisy. But I love this shot of Eddie. We were trying to get a photo of a 3 year old and newborn baby together. It just wasn't going to happen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hidden Places

I've heard of beautiful places in nature hidden from the main stream. On labor day I had the opportunity to see one. My in-laws invited us on a hiking outing. They'd told us of this place, but I was unprepared for it's Beauty. To give you an idea of it's location . . . . we drove through a tiny tiny Oregon town, up a long winding road (called crooked finger road). After quite some time the road turned to gravel . . . then turned to rocks! No joke, we were driving over rocks. I felt like I was on a ride at the fair. It was a super narrow road. If another car came along, we had to decide to either go over the edge or drive into the wall on the other side. Finally we parked the truck. We all climbed out of the truck and started our decent down the side of the "mountain". We walked down and down and down. Over trees, through brush, around rocks, sliding down loose dirt . . . we kept going down. I kept thinking . . . . we're going to have to go back up this! We finally get to the river . . . walk along the river bank . . . over more rocks. We turn a corner and see . . . the most amazing site!!                 I believe if you click on the photo you can see it larger. To understand the size of this place . . . . my husband, 2 boys and father-in-law are in the lower right corner.