Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing with Photoshop

So today I decided I wanted to play with photoshop. These 2 projects are what I came up with. Whenever Devin and I go out to attempt a photo shoot I get the strangest faces from him. So I decided to make a collage.
I got a photoshop book for Christmas. I played around with one of the wallpapers it helped you design. I just inserted Avery in instead of the model.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our 3 Day Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend!! There are 3 new post's here . . . one for each day of our weekend. Sorry they're not in the correct order by day. Oops!!   On Monday Lenny and the boys had the day off. So we decided to go sledding with my sister and her family. As you see the boy's really love flying down the hills and jumping over each other. Devin did a one hand jump, Dawson did a no hand jump and my nephew Nick jumped off the sled and landed on his feet as he was flying down the hill.

Lego Robotics

For the last several months Dawson has been participating in a Lego Robotics group. This last Sunday they finally had their competition. The kids spend thier months building and programing a robot to do specific things on a challenge table. They get points for every goal the meet. During the competition they get 3 different opportunities at the challenge table. They also have to do a research project and are judged on thier presentation. The 2 other area's they're juded on are teamwork and robot design. The trophies are made of lego's . . . .very cool! Unfortunately we didn't get a trophy . . . but the kids did get a participation medal.

Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site

On Saturday we decided to visit the Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site. I was expecting the boys to complain about having to go somewhere. But not only were they ok with going . . . . they asked a TON of questions. The mill was a pretty interesting place. One of the things that facinated me was the fact that the mill has owned the local area water rights since before Oregon became a state. They still have the paperwork . . . but we didn't get to see that. Some of the beams inside the building were the original beems . . . you can still see the wooded pegs the used instead of nails. It turned out to be a really fun day trip.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fall Pictures

So we had our computer re-built this last fall. When we did that I lost quite a bit of edited files. Now I know what your thinking . . . . why don't you back up your files. Well I do, I put everything on a disc . . . . I just had not gotten these on a disc yet. So I had to go back to the original files and re-edit them. So here are some old but new pictures, from this last fall . . . .