Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Trip to Oceanside

In an effort to meet some local photographers I joined a Meetup group dedicated to hiking and photography. I joined this group because I wanted to explore more than just the tourist locations I know so well. I also wanted to make some new friends while exploring. It took me a while to build up the courage to actually attend one of the meet ups. My school and work schedule got in the way a few times. But in truth a little social anxiety played a role in my delay as well. 

When they planned a trip to the coast, I know it was time for me to join. I knew the Oregon Coast well enough, I at least knew what I was getting into. And though we were going to an area I'd never been, I was comfortable enough to join. 

We got up super early so we could be on the beach before the tide came in. Much of this part of the beach is only accessible during low tide. Even though I had to get up at 3:30am, I'm so glad I went. The group was friendly and the location beautiful.

I've always wanted to see actual starfish outside of an aquarium. But I've never found them on the coast. Now I know why. They are all on a small stretch of beach outside of Oceanside. There were tide pools and starfish everywhere. Not to mention waterfalls and caves. I will definitely need to go back to Oceanside.

                                 For some reason the above photo feels like a scene from a fantasy movie . . . like it doesn't really belong in this world.

                                                                             I think this photo of the starfish is one of my favorites of the day.

                                                2 minutes after I took this photo the starfish and the rock it's attached to were completely under water.
 This was the only picture I got from the caves. The water was dripping off the walls and I found the water drops more interesting than the caves themselves.