Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Year in Review

When doing a yearly review like this it is so hard for me to narrow down photo's to just a few. I want to make sure to get a sampling of everything I did this year, but also show off my favorite photo's. Add that to my somewhat indecisive nature and you get . . . . . a very long blog post. :)

My first shoot of the year was this adorable little girl.

 The Reisner family were the first people to call me after my world fell apart. I can't thank them enough for getting me back into shooting portraits. To see more from their shoot click here.

After watching an online workshop a friend and I got together to play in her studio . . . . using her daughters as models. To view my friend Tori's work, check out her blog

 My niece Daisy at 7 months . . . I love the expression on her face. To see more photo's from our shoot together click here.
 This photo was actually take by my friend Angie, whom I enlist to help me shoot weddings. To see more from Eric and Sayda's wedding click here.
 I enjoyed meeting Lucas and his mom again for his senior photos. To see more from our shoot click here

 In June I had the amazing opportunity to attend a workshop with renowned photographer MeRa Koh. Some of my favorite photo's of the year came out of this workshop. To see more click here.

 On thing I love about this job is working with some of the best people you'll ever meet. The Silkey family were truly wonderful to work with. To see more of their adorable family check out my blog post here.

 Some shoots are just downright FUN!! These cousins kept this shoot so fun and lively that for a while I felt normal again. To see more from our adventurous shoot click here.

 This young lady traveled with an entourage. Her family kept her relaxed and keep us all laughing. To see more of this wonderful young lady click here.

 My niece's Daisy and Beth . . . both about 1 year old. Aren't they the cutest little girls.
 One thing about doing a review of your year . . . you see where you need to make improvements. This young man's shoot went well, but I forgot to blog about it. Oops!!

Sometime you get lucky and get to take photo's of people who mean a lot to you. To see the photo's of my best friend and her family click  here.

 I have to admit this shoot was my absolute favorite of the year. I got to work with a wonderful young lady. Plus when I got home and looked at the photos I had one of those "Wow, I took those" moments. :) To see more click here.

 Reconnecting with family is always great. My cousin Kevin wanted pictures of his son. But Sam wasn't in a picture taking mood. To see more click here.
 My college roommate called me up this year for family photos. To see more of her adorable kids and their family click here.
 Taking photo's of your family can be fun and interesting. To see more from our rainy Sunday click here.

You might recognize this young lady from the cousins post above.  I had the opportunity to take her senior photo's too. Click here to see more.

 I love reconnecting with old friends. Check out the Twogood family shoot here.
 My friend Marci asked me to take their family photo's. Some of my favorites from this shoot the people aren't facing the camera. :)  To see more click here.

 My last photo shoot of the year was just before Christmas. Dan and Sharon have known me for a good portion of my life. So it was fun to meet up with them at our church and see their first granddaughter. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

US Capitol

The first thing my sister and I did in DC was take a tour of the capitol. It was a fun and interesting tour. I didn't get many photo's from inside the capitol. They keep you moving on the tour and you cannot lag behind . . . . if you do you'll get escorted out by the capitol police.
 This is one of my favorite photos from DC. I love the bright colors of the rain coats and umbrellas set against the solemn background.
 I like this one a lot because you can see the Washington Monument hidden behind the fog
 I took this picture for my family. :) The pilliars were made to resemble greek colmumns but to add an American touch they look like corn stalks.
 These next few photo's were taken inside the rotunda room. It is a huge and beautiful room.
 This painting is inside the rotunda. The tour guide pointed out George Washington in the photo. He's the one with the purple blanket across his lap. For some reason I get the feeling that George Washington wouldn't be comfortable with some of the ways he's been imortalized.

 If I remember correctly, this flag is hanging over the path the President takes when he walks out of the capitol for a press conference.

 This last photo I took as my sister and I were crossing the street. I'm sure Milne was very embarrased :)

My favorite TV show is Bones. Every so often FBI agent Seeley Booth has to make a u-turn. I think this photo looks like the place he always seems to be when he has to make the u-turns. :)