Monday, October 27, 2014

An Evening at Multnomah Falls

A couple weeks ago one of my photography friends was in town on business. I was very excited to show him, one of my favorite locations, The Columbia River Gorge. We stopped at the Women's Forum for a view of the Vista House against the backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge. We arrived just before sunset, and were treated to a wonderful view.                                  
                   We also stopped at the Vista House. I don't usually shoot the building. However I found the clouds behind the building intriguing.
 By the time we got to Multnomah Falls, the sun had set. We spent some time shooting the falls using the fading light in the sky and the flood light that's aimed at the lower half of the falls. The lower photo is an 8 second exposure. I have to say I really like it, especially the purple/blue of the sky.

                                                                          Since it was dark out, we decided to do a little bit of light painting.

                                                         Light painting is so much fun! Especially when you can do it at a nationally known landmark. :)
 The 430 second photo below was taken in the pitch dark. We were going to try light painting here, but as soon as we got our exposure figured out, it started raining.