Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucas Zeis

Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph the Zeis family. I was thrilled when they contacted me this year to take Lucas's senior photos. They are a wonderful family and I enjoyed working with them both times.

When I arrived for the shoot Lucas was getting ready to go 4-wheeling later that day. He said he needed to get in as much fun as he could before his summer job started. Well Lucas I hope you had fun 4-wheeling and I hope your summer is full of fun, despite having to work. Good luck as you start your senior year this fall! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

The week after the accident we received hundreds of flowers. They were delivered to my mom's house, to my mother-in-laws house, to our church and to the church where the service was held. Beautiful flowers were everywhere and I wanted pictures of them. But between the shock, grief and chaos that surrounded me I couldn't pick up my camera. And now the flowers are gone.

However yesterday I received some beautiful flowers for my birthday. So instead of  pictures of flowers that represent a horrible event, I took pictures of flowers that represent a happy day.

 I couldn't decide between the color or the B&W . . . I really like them both.

The photo above is my favorite!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Last day of School

Every year on the first and last days of school the boys would stand against the wall and I'd measure how much they'd grown. They loved tracking how tall they were. They'd stand with their heels against the baseboard, their backs straight and their heads held high. I'd make the mark and before I was done they'd duck out from under my arm to see how tall they were. Well today is the last day of school, but no marks will be made on the wall today. Instead I took a picture to remember how fast kids grow and how short life can be.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Me?

I'm just going to put this out there . . . . On of my long range photography goals is to be asked to speak at a photography convention like WPPI. Why? I don't know, public speaking scares me to death.

When a friend contacted me about learning photography from me, I saw it as a first step to reaching my outrageous goal. But when I sat down to write the lesson I was immediately hit with my many insecurities. "What right do I have to teach a class?" I'm still in the beginning learning stage. "What can someone possibly learn from me, when I still have hundreds of questions?" "How can I instruct someone else to better their photography when I don't know how to better my own?"

But then I pause . . . take a DEEP breath and remember how far I've come. I know more today than I did yesterday, more this year than I did last year. And that information I CAN share. So what little knowledge I do have I will use to build my knowledge and teach others. And that will bring me closer to my goal . . .