Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fort Casey

Dale and I spent the day on Whidbey Island with our last stop being at Fort Casey. The fort defended the entrance to the Puget Sound. Built in 1890, the fort was at its height from 1901 - 1919. As technology advanced the fixed guns of places like Fort Casey became obsolete. During WWI and WWII Fort Casey served as a military training site. In 1950 the Coastal Artillery Corps was disbanded and Fort Casey became a Washington State Park in 1956.

I love old places like this with their history. The old buildings make me wonder about the men who trained, lived and worked here. 
 I love lighthouses. They are so interesting. Some day I'd like to drive the Oregon Coast and photograph all the lighthouses.
 We were able to go up into the tower of the lighthouse. I snapped these two photos from behind the tower where the light used to be. It was really hot up there so we didn't stay long.
 Two different views of the gun battlements. It's amazing how big everything is.

 This photo above is one reason I will never believe in global warming. If grass can grow through several feet thick concrete, well it just shows how strong nature really is.
                                            Umm . . . . Dale . . . .

 I found these rings all over the fort. I'm not sure what they were used for, but they were sure big and most likely very strong.

 This just cracked me up. That pillar right in the middle of the 3 stair staircase.

                         Even dandelions can be interesting sometimes.