Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seattle with a Friend

I belong to an online photography club. This club has helped my photography improve more than any book I've read. We're a pretty tight group and have been through a lot together. I call them my online family. :)  So when my friend Dale was in Seattle, I drove the 4 hours to see him. We spent the day walking around the city taking pictures. We ended our day on Queen Anne Hill overlooking the city at night. We took way too many pictures because we didn't want to leave . . . it was just to beautiful!

South Dakota, Friends, and My Hometown

In August I flew to South Dakota to visit my childhood friend. I had a blast seeing the sights with Heidi and her family. I even managed to talk Heidi into driving me to Truman, MN where we grew up. I was able to get photo's of the silo with my Great-Grandfather's name. Below are a few of my favorite photo's.

 The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD    All the murals are made with CORN!

                                                  Sioux Falls

Monday, September 5, 2011


I first met Brianna a few weeks ago when I took photo's of her, her siblings and her cousins. It was a fun shoot, so I was excited when I was asked to take Brianna's senior photos.

Brianna is a wonderful young lady . . . . and a busy one! Besides starting her senior year she's playing soccer and participating in drama. In fact she'll be directing her school's production of Thumbelina this year.

Brianna, I enjoyed working with you. You can sure bring the attitude when needed. Take some time this year to relax. :)

                                   My absolute favorite photo!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My BFF, Her Family and A Dog

She's one of those rare friends. The kind of friend you can say anything to and she understands. The kind of friend who knows you better than anyone outside of family . . . . shoot she is family! Heidi and I have been friends since grade school. Our friendship has stood the test of time and distance. I'm so very thankful to have been blessed with such and amazing friend.

While I was in South Dakota hanging out with Heidi and her family I had the opportunity to take their family pictures. I had a lot of fun goofing around with her two boys. They have a cute dog named Sampson. But since I'm not really an animal person I called him "Dog" all week. He really is a sweet dog . . . even if he does get a little hyper sometimes. :)

Thanks so much Heidi for taking such good care of me these past few months :)

       I absolutely LOVE this picture!! It makes me want to giggle!  :)