Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyone Banded Together

Devin's 10th Birthday was Saturday, February 26th. It's hard to celebrate someones birthday when they're not here to enjoy it. But there were so many people who helped make the day bearable. We posted on Facebook that Devin liked Silly Bands and the family was going to wear them for his birthday. We asked anyone who wanted to join to wear silly bands on Saturday and post photos so we could see. In all I collected more than 176 silly band photos. And I didn't even copy all of the ones that came in (for instance my cousin sent me 22 pictures I saved a few but not all . . . sorry Sara). When I realized how big this was going to be I started keeping track of numbers. The numbers are posted below. I also want to share some of the photos, so keep scrolling down. Some of the photos made me laugh and some made me cry . . .

I wasn’t able to track all of the numbers. Some people participated and couldn’t send photos. Some people couldn’t participate but sent their love. Some people sent pictures but didn’t count their bands. If I could I counted them . . . . but sometimes I couldn’t count them. So to the best of my knowledge these are the stats . . . I’m sure the actual numbers are higher

Silly Bands worn: 2603

Silly Band rings worn: 58

People who participated: 369

Dogs: 7

Cats: 6

Hamster: 1

People who wore regular rubber bands: 2

19 States, Washington DC and Scotland were involved

There were silly bands worn at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland and at Disneyland

Several people were celebrating at their own birthday parties and took the time to remember Devin

Someone made a slide show with their silly band photos

One family wore 226 silly bands

1 Guitar wore silly bands

1 baby bottle wore a silly band

There were 2 Lego’s with silly bands

A couple people wrote out the boys names with their silly bands

2 kids released balloons – one attached silly bands to her balloon

There was 1 very sick little boy who wore silly bands

A whole nursing home wore silly bands

And a couple of babies wore silly bands

A Few of My favorite photos

 Of course being a photographer, I love the photos with the cameras! :)

 Isn't she adorable . . .
 Some people got really creative! :)

 My Aunt got the nursing home where she works involved!
 These photo's made me laugh

 These photo's made me cry . . .

Thank you to everyone who participated. I wish I could post all of your photos, but this blog posted is already super long. I loved each and every photo sent. I plan to print them all and make a collage for Devin's scrapbook.


  1. Beautifully captured, Teresa...I'm sure putting together the collage for Devin's memory book of all the photos will be very theraputic.
    We love all of the photos you posted...Be blessed today and in the weeks and months to come. All these photos just make me teary-eyed...
    Love and hugs, Matt & Susan Reynolds

  2. those are some amazing pics! I know you saw some of the pics from all of us here in Cali, but I wanted to post links to my two blog posts to be sure you have all of the pics! I've never put links in a comment, so forgive me if it's weird, doing my best to figure it out! love and prayers from everyone here on the central coast - we were very honored to participate!

    happy birthday devin


  3. I cry every time I read anything about your boys see anything about your boys, mostly I cry for you... being a mom myself... I am reminded that God has given them to me to raise, but they ultimately belong to him, as we all do. God Bless you Teresa I feel your strength in every word you write.