Monday, February 13, 2012

Old Idaho Penitentiary

I've always been fascinated by old things. Old objects and buildings make me wonder. I wonder about the people associated and what their stories were. When it comes to crumbling buildings I wonder what series of events lead to the state they are in. I wonder what the people who occupied the buildings were like. 

Last June (I know I'm way behind), I had the opportunity to visit an old Idaho prison. It was a fascinating place for a photographer to visit. There were lots of angles, textures, details and perspective shots to get. However while taking my pictures I couldn't help but wonder about the men who occupied these cells and the guards who watched over them.

            There is nothing like a jail for a good perspective shot :)
                       I can just imagine lines of men waiting . . . .

                                   OK, I thought this was funny :)
 I love the shape of the light on the floor coming in through the windows.

 He He He!!! I've always thought these kind of grave stones were fun

The following photo's were taken along side the freeway on the drive home. I have no idea what this old plant did, but its crumbling state makes me wonder . . .


  1. This by far is my favorite work of yours. I love love love this sort of topic. <3

  2. Love your pictures. They are AMAZING!

  3. These are all fantastic, Teresa! I love all of the unique angles and patterns that you found. Nice work!