Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pearl Harbor and The Arizona

I've always wanted to see the Arizona Memorial. WWII history has always fascinated me for some reason, and the Arizona is no exception. So when I decided to go to Hawaii to avoid Christmas, I knew the Arizona would be on my list of things to see. It was really interesting to walk around the visitors area and read about the events that led up to, happened during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor. After a 30 minute video, a large group of over 100 people were taken to the actual memorial. I thought it would be a very solemn thing to be standing on the memorial looking over the ledge at the sunken ship. But there were so many people there you had to move quickly to see the whole thing. Not to mention we were there for such a short time period. By the time I was done taking pictures and ready to just take it in, it was time to get back on the boat. It was really neat to be there, but I'd like to go back someday when it's not as crowded so I can truly take it all in . . . .

 Almost every quote I've ever read from Eleanor Roosevelt, I've been impressed with her. But I think this quote really speaks volumes

                  This anchor was recovered from the Arizona
 This monument is called The Tree of Life. There is an identical one on the side of the Arizona Memorial.

 I knew there was still oil leaking from the ship. However I expected to see a steady oil sheen on top of the water. I was not expecting black dots of oil to keep rising to the surface. It was really interesting to watch.
 The USS Missouri, viewed from the Arizona Memorial. The USS Missouri is where the  war officially ended when Japan signed the surrender on her deck.

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