Monday, May 26, 2014

The Boy's Trees

After the accident each of the boy's schools planted a tree in honor of the boys. Earlier this year I received a call from the middle school. They wanted to let me know they were re-doing the parking lot and as a result had to remove Dawson's tree for the summer months. They assured me the tree would be well taken care of and replaced as soon as the new parking lot was finished. I would have been devastated to stop by the school only to have the parking lot torn up and Dawson's tree missing.   The thoughtfulness of the school district to let me know, really touched me. 

These photo's are actually from last year. I went to the tulip fields last year for Easter, I spent the morning photographing the flowers. After I was finished I bought a bouquet of tulips and took some to the accident site and each of the trees. I had planned to do the same this year for Easter, but was unable to go due to back issues.
                                                   Dawson's Tree

                                                 Devin's Tree
 This little green bug reminded me of Devin. He loved little things and he would have liked to see this guy on his tree.

                     These flowers are so small, smaller than a quarter.

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